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US Shot Down Another Unidentified Object Over Northern Canada

unidentified object over Northern Canada

On Saturday, Justin Trudeau Canadian Prime Minister, announced that the US fighter jet shot down an unidentified object over Northern Canada on his orders. 

What is the Complete Story?

It was the third time US fighter jets shot down a flying object since the shoot down of a mysterious object over Alaska on Friday and a Chinese surveillance balloon off the South Carolina Coast on 4 February. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a statement on his Twitter handle; he ordered the taking down of the unidentified object violating Canadian airspace. He said a US F22 fighter jet successfully fired the object. 

According to the Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder, the unidentified object shot over Northern Canada was first detected over Alaska on Friday evening. He said the object was monitored by two F22 fighter jets with the help of the Alaska Air National Guard. 

They tracked the object closely and took time to identify its nature. Patrick added that after the object entered Canada, the US F22 fighter jet immediately shot it down using an AIM 9X missile on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s order. 

Description of the Object

Several recovery operations were conducted by the Canadian authorities to learn about the object. Also, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was working closely with the Canadian Police to investigate the incident. 

According to the Canadian Defence minister, Anita Anand, the unidentified object shot down was cylindrical in shape and was smaller than the suspected Chinese balloon. 

However, it is still unclear whether the object is related to the unidentified object discovered over Alaskan airspace or the Chinese spy balloon shot down over South Carolina Coast. Anita said the object was flying 40,000 feet high and posed a threat to civilian flights. 

When the object was taken down, it was around 100 miles from the Canada-United States border over Canadian territory in Central Yukon. 

Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau Authorised the Shoot-down of the Object

Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden

The White House Officials confirmed that US president Joe Biden and Canadian Prime minister Justin authorised the shoot-down of the unidentified object over Northern Canada. The officials also confirmed that the object was first spotted over Alaska on Friday morning. 

Both leaders discussed the importance of recovering the object from determining the details of its origin. On Saturday, Justin said that he had a talk with Biden and confirmed that the Canadian forces would be leading the object recovery operations. 

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