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US Fighter Jet Shot down Third Unidentified Airborne Object Over Lake Huron

unidentified object over lake huron

On Sunday afternoon, US fighter jets shot down another unidentified flying object over Lake Huron near the Canadian Border. Three shots in a row.

What is the Complete Story?

Another unidentified flying object was shot down by a US F16 fighter jet on Sunday afternoon at the direction of US president Joe Biden. According to Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, the object was first detected on Saturday over Montana by the North American Aerospace Defence Command. 

They maintained the visual and radar tracking on it. Ryder added they could connect the object to the radar signal depending on its flight data and path. The Defence command even detected that the object flew close to sensitive DOD sites. 

According to US officials, the path followed by the object could pose a threat to civilian aircraft due to its potential surveillance capabilities. It wouldn’t pose any military threat to anyone on the ground, US officials said. 

However, it was the third time in a row that an unidentified object was taken down over North American airspace. On Friday, an unidentified airborne object was shot down in Alaska airspace by a US F22 fighter jet. 

On the other hand, another unidentified object was shot down over Northern Canada on Saturday. The operation of downing the object on Sunday was carried out by pilots from the US Air force and National Guard, Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin said.

She tweeted that everyone who carried out this mission did a great job. She added we all are interested to know what exactly the object was and what its purpose was. 

Description of the Object

According to US officials and other sources, the unidentified object was octagonal, with strings hanging off and no discernible payload. It’s not clear yet how heavy the object was. 

During an interview with CNN, a senior administration official claimed that the object was flying at an altitude of 20,000 feet over Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. 

What’s Next?

Melissa Dalton

The Assistant Secretary of Defence Hemispheric Affairs, Melissa Dalton, made a statement that after these incidents, they decided to inspect their airspace more closely at these altitudes. She said they have been enhancing their radar, which may explain the rise in discovered objects. 

While saying this, she referred to the suspected Chinese spy balloon shot down by US F22 fighter jets over the South Carolina coast on 4 Feb. Melissa also said there must be legitimate research on these incidents as these high-altitude objects must be used by various countries, companies and research organisations. 

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer made a statement that their national security is always a top priority. She has been in touch with the federal government and their partners, who were tracking the unidentified objects. 

Whitmer added she was proud to know they had successfully, securely and safely taken down the object without hurting any American on the ground.

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