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Suspect in Half Moon Bay Shootings that Left 7 Dead and 1 Injured is in Custody

Half Moon Bay Shootings

San Mateo County Officials said a man who is responsible for shootings in two locations in Half Moon Bay which left at least seven people dead and one injured, is in custody. 

What is the Complete Story?

According to the sources, Half Moon Bay is 28 miles south of San Francisco and situated within the westernmost part of San Mateo County. Around 2:22 pm. PT, shootings were held in an unorganised area of San Mateo County. 

A Nursery along the 12700 block of San Mateo was the first shooting location where San Mateo County officials found four dead bodies and one wounded. Shortly after, officials found three more dead bodies were found at the second shooting location, a nursery along the 2100 block of Stanford Medical Centre. 

The San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus said they found the suspect in his vehicle in the parking lot of a Sheriff’s substation. 

According to the officials, the suspect is a 67 years old man who lives in Half Moon Bay. Now, he is in custody without any harm to anyone. Corpus said they found a semi-automatic handgun in the suspect’s vehicle. 

During an interview in a news conference, Christina Corpus said the shooting was horrific, and it was a tragedy that we hear about, but today has hit from here in San Mateo County. After taking the suspect into custody, officials believe he acted this alone, and now there is not any type of threat to the community. 

Gavin Newsom Shared his Thoughts on the Shooting took Place at Half Moon Bay

Gov. Gavin Newsom made a statement that he was in the hospital checking out the health status of the victims of the Monterey Park mass shooting, and suddenly he got the news of another shooting in Half Moon Bay. 

He took to Twitter and said one after another, tragedies are happening. The Monterey Park shooting was the life-threatening tragedy that left ten people dead. 

People’s Reactions to Half Moon Bay Deadly Mass Shooting

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