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NATO Allies Offer Ukraine Security Assurances

NATO allies offer Ukraine Security assurances

On Wednesday, during the G7 summit, President Biden said the support for Ukraine would last long into the future, and it is NATO’s commitment to Ukraine. 

What is the Complete News?

At the end of the NATO summit on Wednesday, President Biden accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of having a craven lust for land and power. And on the same side, Ukraine won security assurances that will last long into the future. 

A day after the Ukrainian President refused to offer an invitation for Ukraine’s entry into NATO, the world’s most powerful members of the military bloc offered them the prospect of long-term protection. 

While fighting the Russian invasion since February 2022, killing thousands of people and displacing millions, Ukraine has been rapidly pushing for its membership for a long time. 

Military and Financial Support

The G7 group of the world’s most industrialized countries launched a framework to provide both military and financial support. However, the intelligence promise of immediate steps if Russia attacks again. 

President Biden, along with other G7 leaders, said their support for Ukraine will last long into the future. It’s a powerful statement of their commitment to the country. 

While speaking at the end of the two-day meeting on Russia’s doorstep, Biden made a statement that Russian President Putin had underestimated the US-led military alliance. 

He said NATO is stronger and more united than ever in its history, and it didn’t happen by accident and wasn’t inevitable. Biden added that Putin, having a craven for lust and power, unleashed a brutal war on Ukraine. 

Ukrainian President Zelensky swallowed his disappointment over the lack of membership and hailed NATO for their support to Ukraine. He said now we had obtained unambiguous clarity that Ukraine will be in NATO. 

Once the war is over, Ukraine will be part of NATO and clearly become a member of the alliance. 

The US is doing Everything to meet Ukraine’s Needs

During a meeting with Zelensky, President Biden promised that the US would do everything to meet Ukraine’s needs. They also acknowledged Zelensky’s anger and frustration about the speed of the support. 

Last week, Biden even agreed to provide Ukraine with cluster munitions, widely banned weapons, which scattered into various explosive bomblets before hitting the ground, causing grievous injuries to civilians, especially children.

Biden said your resolve has been a model for the world. He is looking forward to the day we’ll be celebrating the membership of Ukraine to NATO. 

Biden promoting laughter from Zelensky, the bad news for you is, we’re not going anywhere, and you’re stuck with us. Jake Sullivan, the US national security adviser, said Biden would have a discussion about long-range missiles with the Ukrainian President. 

While having some words with the reporters, Biden made a statement that Zelensky should understand that whether he is or not in NATO doesn’t matter as long as he has the commitments, made at the summit. 

He should not have been concerned about that now.

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