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Miami Beach Mayor Imposes Curfew After Two Fatal Shootings

Miami Beach Shooting

On Sunday, the Mayor of Miami Beach, Dan Gelber, imposed a curfew after two fatal shootings on Ocean Drive. 

What is the Complete Story?

Miami Beach has been a popular spring break destination among college students for a long time. 

But this time, curfew hindered an influx of out-of-city visitors and spring breakers from enjoying their weekend in Miami Beach. Mayor Dan Gelber announced a curfew after two fatal shootings near Ocean Drive. 

On Sunday, the Mayor gave a video message saying we don’t ask for spring break in our city; it’s too crowded, brings too much disorder, and it will become difficult for police to impose the curfew. 

Mayor added many people come here to enjoy the amenities of Miami Beach, but this time few of them come here with bad intentions in the presence of guns, which creates an intolerable situation. 

Two Fatal Shootings

On Friday night at about 10:40 pm, the first shooting took place, where two people were wounded. After the incident, police made an announcement that one of the two wounded people died in the hospital. 

Another one was still in critical condition. 

On Sunday morning at about 3:29 am, the second shooting occurred, where one man was shot and died at the hospital. Another person was wounded. Miami Beach police confirmed the news and said it was a targeted and isolated incident. 

Mayor Gelber made a statement that both shootings were between visitors to Miami Beach and did not include any residents. Both times, the police were seconds away from the incident. Also, police arrested the culprits within minutes. 

Mayor added it was clear that the presence of police also couldn’t prevent those incidents from occurring. 


On Sunday, the curfew will start at 11:59 pm and will last until 6 am on Monday. According to a press release, an additional curfew will be imposed from Thursday to next Monday, 27 March. 

An unruly and huge crowd is the reason behind implementing these curfews. During curfew time, businesses will be closed by midnight. On the other hand, hotels can remain open until guests are only staying there. 

According to the press release, the curfew will not apply to people travelling back to their homes from work. 

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