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China’s Population Drops for the First Time Since 1961


Last year China’s population decreased for the first time in six decades since 1961. It also leads to the predictions that India will become the world’s most populated country

What is the Complete News?

For the first time, China experienced a decline in citizen numbers in six decades since 1961. According to the country’s National Bureau of Statistics, the population decreased by roughly 850,000 in 2022. 

The decline also resulted in predictions that now India would become the most populated nation in the world. 

It is also predicted that by 2050, China’s population will decline by 109 million. It will be more than triple the decrease of its previous numbers in 2019. That’s the reason the economy will slow down as revenue drops and government debts increase due to rapidly growing welfare and health costs. 

A demographer Yi Fuxian made a statement that the economic outlook and demographics of China are much bleaker than expected. Now, it has become necessary for China to adjust its social, defence, economic and foreign policies, he added. 

He added that China’s labour force would also drop, causing a downturn in manufacturing heft, further exacerbating high inflation in Europe and the United States. 

The Head of the National Statistics Bureau, Kang Yi, also stated that the overall labour supply still exceeds demand. 

Why does China’s Population Drop?

Various reports say that China’s lowering birth rate can be the reason behind this. It lowers down to 6.77 births per 1000 people from 7.52 births in 2021. It marks the lowest birth rate in China’s history. 

Kang Yi said that the number of Chinese women of childbearing age dropped by about 4 million. The other reason behind China’s declining population is the one-child policy. 

The policy also created a profound gender imbalance. According to the latest reports, there are around 722 million males compared to 690 females. 

The Chinese netizens reacted aggressively after the number was released publicly. They said one of the main reasons women do not want to have children is a failure in society and men not wanting to take up the responsibility of raising children. 

According to the women, giving birth to children in this society would severely decrease their quality of life. 

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