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The Untold Story of Fiercely Independent Fashion Brand Tissa Fontaneda

With massive marketing budgets, several multi-industry companies like LVMH and Gucci are increasingly dominating the premium and luxury fashion sectors.

With a strong signature identity in the form of the leather bubble bag, Tissa Fontaneda has also attracted some big names such as Australian actor Cate Blanchett, Queens of Spain and Jordan. 

How and When Tissa Fontaneda Started

Tissa said that she fell in love with accessories as a teenager, watching sophisticated women in beautiful summer outfits in a dining room of a luxury hotel in Italy. 

She could feel the softness of the leather bag women were holding. And the necklaces they were wearing reminded her of exotic places. According to Tissa, those things were more than just fashion accessories. It highlights the unique personality of each woman wearing these accessories. 

Tissa spent most of her life abroad. After completing her PhD in Philosophy and Literature, she moved to Paris to pursue her career in the fashion industry. Tissa began her fashion career as a design assistant of a Bohemian-born Austrian Jeweller, Daniel Swarovski. 

After five years, Tissa joined the Spanish Luxury brand Loewe to develop the Thierry Mugler handbag collection. This was the place where Tissa learned about handbag manufacturing from some of the world’s best European artisans. 

She has also worked with several renowned brands such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Dunhill and Conolly. Finally , she combined her creative vision with her expertise in the world of luxury accessories and launched a classic luxury brand with a modern twist, Tissa Fontaneda, in 2010. 

With impeccable quality and artisan craftsmanship, the brand consists of an exquisitely designed collection of handbags and other fashion accessories. Bubble bag is one of the signature products of the Tissa Fontaneda collections. 

The bag came up with a velvety soft Spanish Nappa effect achieved through a lengthy and complex process. The process includes handcrafting each section of leather by a skilled artisan. 

What is Tissa’s Vision for Luxury Handbags?

Her vision for the luxury handbag industry is to discover something that stands out from the crowd. She gave an example. When an American woman travelled around Europe to find a suitable luxury store, she got frustrated that every store looked the same. 

In that case, the only store that stood out from the crowd was her brand. The woman was delighted to find something so different. 

Is it worth it to be Independent in the Fashion Industry?

Tissa began her business with €50,000 investment from her friends and family only. She said her business’s growth was completely organic. Tissa hasn’t spent a lot on advertisements. Still, they have become successful in widely distributing their business and expected to close the year with 25% growth. 

Austria, Germany, UK and Switzerland are the most significant distribution markets of Tissa Fontaneda. Now, they are looking to expand their business in South America. She is looking to launch a new company in which she doesn’t have a majority stake. 

In this way, she’ll have her complete focus on store development. Several places are there in her mind for her new stores. According to Tissa, Madrid is one of the hottest cities to develop new stores. 

Wrapping UP

Nowadays, It is about the beauty of the line, not about the logo. However, you can dress amazingly at renowned brands like Zara, but it is the accessories that make the difference. And Tissa has the power to make a difference with its collection of quality handbags and other accessories. 

In collaboration with other designers, Tissa said it could be possible if we are on the same wavelength. Tissa Fontaneda is known for selling its products to women who are independent thinkers, not slaves of luxury brands. 

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