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A Viral Tweet Revealed an Awful Reality Women are Still Facing

Modest Fashion

A tweet of a beautiful woman walking down the street in a modest outfit has gone viral, revealing an awful reality women are still facing. 

What is the Complete Story?

On 14 March 2023, a white male podcaster, Elijah Schaffer, tweeted a video of a beautiful woman walking down the street wearing a modest outfit, a long sleeve dress. 

The tweet also contains a caption saying, Modest clothing, yet everyone looks. Is there something attractive about being classy that society has lost? It got over 58 million views, 19.5K retweets and more than 197K likes. 

The tweet is telling us the harsh reality women are still facing in this 21st century. 

What is Modest Fashion or Modest Clothing?

Before revealing the truth behind the tweet, let’s understand the word modest clothing. Modest clothing is a fashion trend in which women wear less skin-revealing clothes. In other words, it is like wearing loose and comfortable dresses according to a person’s own comfort. 

Modest fashion is one of the ways women satisfy their spiritual requirements for reasons of faith or religion. 

What the Viral Tweet wants to tell us?

Through the tweet, Elijah Schaffer wants to tell us that plenty of men still think a woman’s modesty should be tied to how desirable she is. Or a woman should get praise if she chooses to dress more conservatively. 

It wouldn’t matter what the woman is wearing in the above video. She’s looking beautiful in a modest outfit. But people will only stop and stare at her if she’s wearing a bikini or a skivvy. 

Schaffer is very much doubting that people are gawking at her out of admiration as she’s looking more like an extra from the Handmaid’s Tale than a gossip girl. There is a harsh reality that society does still define women by what they’re wearing. 

A woman shouldn’t be praised depending on if she dresses modestly or flamboyantly. She should be celebrated neutrally. 

How People Reacted to the Viral Tweet

There were mixed reactions to the viral tweet of a woman walking down the street in a modest outfit. Some people disagreed, and some people agreed to it.

However, replies to this viral tweet shows that women’s fears were old fashion but legit. A woman grew up thinking that wearing a short skirt or showing cleavage means she’s asking for attention. But it’s not. Men take it as an invitation. Therefore, it unpacks a reality that underwire shouldn’t be the reason someone think she’s hot.

The viral tweet confirmed that a lot of men are there in the world who are still praising women on their dressing sense. Rather they should be judged on who they are not what they’re wearing.

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