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Texas Coach Chris Beard’s Fiancee Denied Strangling Allegations Against Him

Chris Beard's Fiancee

Texas men’s basketball head coach Chris Beard’s Fiancee, Randi Trew, told police that he didn’t strangle her. Randi even said that she never wanted him arrested or prosecuted. 

What is the Complete News?

On 12 December, a Texas MBB coach Chris Beard was arrested after her fiancee, Randi Trew, made strangling allegations against him. Due to these allegations and his arrest, Chris was even suspended as a coach without pay. 

But recently, news came out that Randi denies the strangling allegations against Chris. She said he didn’t strangle her; he was acting in self-defence from her. Randi even said that she was deeply saddened by the incident and she never wanted him arrested and prosecuted. 

Randi’s statement was shocking for everyone because she was the woman who called the police herself to report a family violence assault by Chris Beard. 

Chris’s Fiancee, Randi Trew Statement

Randi Trew said she and Chris are deeply saddened for bringing negative attention to family, friends and the University of Texas. She apologises for her role in Chris Beard’s arrest. Randi realised her frustration when Chris broke his glasses. 

She initiated the breaking glasses incident, a physical struggle between herself and Chris. Randi told law enforcement that he didn’t strangle her and that whatever happened was self-defence Chris was acting from her. 

She can’t even think of Chris intentionally harming her in any way, and she never wanted him arrested and prosecuted, Randi said in her statement. 

What’s Next?

The University is reviewing the statement from Randi Trew. According to the University, it is a matter of an internal investigation, and they can’t comment on the pending investigation. 

Initially, Randi called the police and told the responding officer that Chris strangled her from behind to the point where she couldn’t even breathe for several seconds, as written in a police affidavit supporting Chris’s arrest. 

The affidavit also includes Chris choking her, biting her, causing bruises all over her leg and putting abrasions on her face and leg. Chris Beard also made a statement after his arrest. He said that he only tried to grab her wrists to stop her. 

Police asked him whether punches had landed during the incident. He responded that she tried to hit his private part. The recent statement made by Randi shocked everyone as it didn’t include anything written in the affidavit. 

Instead, it includes her denial that Chris strangled her. So it becomes difficult for the officer to get to a conclusion. 

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