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Messi vs Mbappe: Who will Lift the Trophy on Sunday?

Messi vs Mbappe

After beating Croatia and Morocco, Argentina and France will meet for a final face-off on Sunday. Every football fan will experience a thriller match between Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe. Now, a question arises who will win? Let’s see! 

What is the Complete News?

During the round of 16 at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, France and Argentina produced the most exciting game of the tournament. From a 30-yard wonder strike to a breathtaking 80-yard run, football fans experienced almost everything. 

Now, football fans are looking for the same on Sunday. The final whistle at Kazan Arena might be like a death knell for Messi. A few days after the match was held, he had just turned 31. And the players in their 30s in Argentina were rarely productive to him. 

Now, Messi got another chance in the upcoming Fifa World Cup 2022 finals on Sunday to lift the brilliant gold. He would not get another opportunity to do so as he is 35 now. 

According to recent reports, Lionel Messi’s demise might be highly premature. Messi played around 141 domestic-league matches in which he scored 104 goals and added 67 assists. 

The numbers show that he has a goal-involvement rate of around 1.2 per match. On the other hand, the final whistle is something different for Mbappe. However, the reason behind Argentina being in the game is Messi’s two assists. But Mbappe’s two goals helped France to lead in the game, and maybe they’ll even win the finals. 

In 129 domestic league matches, Mbappe scored 118 goals and 38 assists with a goal-involvement rate of 1.2 per match same as Messi. On Sunday, you can watch them face off for one last time in the world’s biggest game. 

However, for France, it would be the second time to become the World Cup champion after Brazil achieved it in 1962. On the other hand, it would be the first time Argentina to lift the World Cup title since Diego Maradona won it in 1986. 

Twitter Explodes after Messi vs Mbappe

Twitter explodes as GOAT Lionel Messi and wunderkind Kylian Mbappe will have a final face-off for the Fifa World Cup on Sunday. 

Here’s how some Twitter users reacted to this hair-raising face-off:

Who will Win?

Let’s track each team’s trajectory from the last World Cup to determine which team has more winning chances. After becoming Fifa World Cup Champion in 2018, France has finished every year with a top 3 Elo rating. 

But things are much different in the case of Argentina. In 2018, Argentina had an Elo rating of 1915, becoming the 13th-best team in the world. The Elo rating keeps increasing every subsequent year. On 14 December 2022, Argentina ranked number one in the world. 

After seeing the numbers, Argentina has more chances of winning the game. But actions speaks louder than numbers.

So are you ready for the action tomorrow at 8:30 pm?

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