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Arrest Warrant Issued for Ex-UFC Star Nate Diaz After Bourbon Street Altercation

arrest warrant for Nate Diaz Bourbon Street altercation

Former UFC star Nate Diaz’s involvement in an altercation in New Orleans led him into big trouble. The Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Diaz. 

What is the Complete News?

Nate Diaz in Bourbon Street altercation

A police spokesperson, Karen Boudrie, confirmed the news of the New Orleans Police Department issuing an arrest warrant for Nate Diaz on Monday. He also confirmed that Diaz is not in custody yet. 

Last week, Diaz was involved in a brawl on Bourbon Street. Over the weekend, a video of Diaz choking Youtube personality Rodney Petersen unconscious also got viral all over the internet. 

On Saturday morning, police officers were alerted about a large altercation happening on the 400 block of Bourbon Street, Bourdie said. After the police reached the spot, they saw a white man believed to be unconscious. 

They observed the white man was bleeding from the rear of his head. The police officers immediately called EMS to aid the man. The white man was taken to the hospital for further treatment, and officers went through the investigation regarding the incident. 

In conclusion to the investigation, officers issued an arrest warrant for Nate Diaz. Karen Boudrie claimed that Diaz had been charged with a second-degree battery. 

What happened in the Altercation

As we can see in the viral video, Petersen, known for resembling social media influencer and boxer Logan Paul, confronted Diaz with people fighting on all sides. He was seen engaging with Diaz in the fight. 

Diaz locked him in a guillotine choke, standing up until Peterson became unconscious. After getting unconscious, Petersen was dropped on the street, and his head got hit to the pavement, leading him to a head injury. 

Petersen made a statement in the video that he doesn’t know what he did to Nate Diaz. But he’s going to knock him up when he knows he is coming. Diaz caught him off guard. What did Diaz think, he was Logan?

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