Home Politics Trump Says He Expects to be Arrested on Tuesday as Indictment Looms

Trump Says He Expects to be Arrested on Tuesday as Indictment Looms

On Saturday, former US President Donald Trump announced that he would be arrested on Tuesday for his involvement in a hush money case and calling his supporters to protest during the 2020 presidential elections. 

What is the Complete Story?

Trump made an announcement through a social media post saying the former US president and leading Republican candidate, referring to himself, expects to be arrested on Tuesday. However, he didn’t clear why he would be arrested. 

According to a report, several meetings are going on throughout the city, state and federal law enforcement agencies in New York City regarding the indictment of Trump. 

Trump called Saturday for action saying Protest, take our nation back in the wake of the 2020 presidential elections. He believes an indictment will help him politically, and multiple people brief on the actual matter. 

Even after an extensive history of civil litigation before and after taking office, an indictment would represent a dramatic escalation of his legal work as he tried to recapture the White House after losing the elections.

According to a source similar to the investigation of hush money payments, another witness is expected to be testified on Monday. However, it has not been cleared yet whether it would be a final witness. 

On Saturday, a Trump spokesperson made a statement that Trump hasn’t received any notification from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office regarding the indictment. 

A California Republican, Kevin McCarthy, said Trump’s indictment would represent an outrageous abuse of power. 

Jan 6 Attack on the US Capitol

Jan 6 US Capitol Attack

According to a source, former US president Donald Trump claimed that he would be indicted only because he thinks the Alvin Bragg Manhattan District Attorney hates him. 

But some sources claimed that Trump would be indicted when he repeatedly urged his supporters to reject the 2020 presidential election’s outcomes, resulting in the deadly Jan 6 US Capitol attack

What’s Next?

Law enforcement discussions are going on regarding how to navigate the potential indictment around the possibility of the arrest of Trump. The secret service details of Trump would be delivered to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office for fingerprinting. 

The former president would be presented directly to an arraignment before the judge, where he would be likely to be released on his recognizance. 

However, several concerns have been discussed by the law enforcement officials in the planning process, such as courthouse security and the rallies outside of the courthouse by the supporters of the former president.

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