Home Politics Trump Pleads not Guilty to Federal Charges that He illegally Kept Classified Documents

Trump Pleads not Guilty to Federal Charges that He illegally Kept Classified Documents

Donald Trump Classified Documents Indictment

On Tuesday, Former President Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to federal charges of hoarding classified documents and refusing government demands to return them.  

What is the Complete News?

Trump is the first former president to face a judge on federal charges that he illegally kept classified documents and refused government demands to give them back. But on Tuesday, he pleaded not guilty to these charges in Miami court. 

Mainly, the federal charges focussed on Trump mishandling government secrets that, as commander-in-chief, he was entrusted to protect a legal process unfolding in the 2024 Presidential campaign and carrying profound consequences for his political future and his personal liberty. 

However, outside the court, Trump confronted all the allegations made against him, saying he had done nothing wrong and was persecuted for political purposes. But inside the courtroom, he was sitting very quietly, arms crossed, and his lawyer showed a not-guilty plea to the judge on his behalf. 

The plea ended without him having to surrender his passport or restrict his travel. It was the latest in an unprecedented reckoning this year for Trump, facing charges in New York arising from his hush money payment case

While stopping on his way out of Miami at Versatiles, an iconic Cuban spot in Havana, Trump was serenaded by his supporters with Happy Birthday. However, in the month, the back-to-back events highlighted the tension going on in Trump’s life. 

He successfully balances the campaigning with the courtroom stopping his status as a criminal defendant. 

Threatened President Joe Biden

The federal charges on the former president carry a yearlong prison sentence. But Trump kept saying he had done nothing wrong and painted himself as a political persecution victim

Trump attacked the special counsel of the Justice Department and pledged to remain in the race no matter what. On Tuesday night, while addressing his supporters at Bedminster, New Jersey, Golf Club, he repeated falsehoods and threatened to go after President Biden and his family if reelected. 

Trump made a statement that a line has been crossed, and they should never have done this.

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