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Trump Endangered my Family on Jan 6 Riot, Mike Pence Says

Former vice president Mike Pence

During the annual white-tie Gridiron Dinner attended by journalists and politicians, former vice president Mike Pence said Trump was wrong and his reckless words endangered his family and everyone at the Capitol. 

What is the Complete Story?

On Saturday, Mike Pence harshly criticised former president Donald Trump for supporting Jan 6 Capitol Riot. It leads to an increasing rift between them. They even prepare to battle over the nominations in next year’s elections. 

Pence made remarks during the Gridiron Dinner attended by politicians and journalists that Trump was wrong. Making no mistakes about it, whatever happened that day was a disgrace. 

He added that Trump’s reckless words during the dinner endangered his family and everyone at the Capitol. 

And Pence knows history will hold Trump’s accountable. These remarks were the sharpest condemnation from Pence who often shied away from confronting his boss. Pence hasn’t yet declared his candidacy while Trump already did that. 

How to view the Capitol Riot

Former vice president Mike Pence solidified his place in the Republican party’s debate on how to view the attack with his remarks. Recently, Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker, provided Tucker with Capitol Riot’s security camera footage. 

However, many news channels used that footage to promote conspiracy theories. In the Gridiron dinner, Trump was continuously spreading lies regarding his election loss. Trump supported rioters and said if he got reelected he would consider pardoning them.

Former President Donald Trump

Politicians poke jokes at each other during the dinner and Pence also did that well. Pence joked that Trump’s ego was so fragile that he wanted his vice president to sing Wind Beneath my Wings. 

Pence said he read that some of the Mar-a-Lago documents were stuck in the president’s bible. According to him, it proved that they had no idea they were there. 

“Hang Mike Pence”

Jan 6 US Capitol Riot

Trump pressured Pence to overturn US president Joe Biden’s election victory during the Capitol Riot on Jan 6 2021. But Pence refused to do that. When rioters reached the Capitol, voices were being heard that Hang Mike Pence. 

According to the final report by the House Committee investigating the Jan 6 Capitol attack, the US president had riled up a mob that hunted the vice president.

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