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Putin Accuses Wagner Group Leaders of Betraying Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Condemning the organizers of last weekend’s short lived mutiny, Russian President Vladimir Putin said they had betrayed their country. 

What is the Complete News?

Since the warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin’s armed uprising ended on Saturday, in his first public comment, Putin told Wagner Group leaders to sign the contracts with Russia’s defense ministry, go home or leave the country for Belarus.

On Monday, Putin gave a five-minute angry speech in which he insisted Wagner’s revolt had been doomed to fail from the outset. He said the mutiny’s organizers had betrayed Russia, and their command had also used most of the group’s fighters, patriots of Russia. 


On telegram, the head of the Wagner militia, Prigozhin, posted an 11-minute voice recording where he denied trying to overthrow the Russian government. He said his goals had been to protest against a recent decision to disband Wagner. 

He also wants to demonstrate the weakness of Russia’s domestic defenses. 

Prigozhin made a statement that he didn’t want to topple the existing regime, which was lawfully elected. Instead, he tried to prevent the paramilitary group’s destruction and hold to account those who made huge mistakes during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with their unprofessional actions. 

According to Prigozhin, if the army had received the same training and morale as Wagner, the war in Ukraine may not have taken more than a day, which began on 24 February and is still ongoing. 

The level of organization has been demonstrated that the Russian army should have. Prigozhin’s forces crossed 780 Km and stopped just 200 Km before Moscow. It was the type of masterclass that he claimed should have been done on 24 February 2022. 

He decided his convoy would turn back rather than continue to Moscow. 

However, his decision came on two essential factors; one was that they didn’t want to spill Russian blood, and the second one was that they were marching to demonstrate their protest, not to unseat the government. 

Most Serious Threat to Putin’s Rule

Since Prigozhin took office 23 years ago, his revolt on Saturday has been seen as the most severe threat to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rule. 

The EU chief diplomat, Josep Borrell, described Prigozhin as the monster whose actions proved that Putin’s military power is cracking. 

But the UK defense secretary, Ben Wallace, claimed we shouldn’t over-credit the destabilization, which is a massive derailment of the Kremlin. 

Talking to the Royal United Services Institute, Wallace emphasized that the war in Ukraine was prosecuted by Prigozhin’s main hate figures within the Russian system, the defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, and the army chief of staff, Valery Gerasimov. 

Shoigu and Gerasimov have been railed by Prigozhin for many months. They have been accused of killing thousands of Russian soldiers through corruption and poor planning. 

What’s Next?

In June, the long-running feud ended after laws were passed to create all irregular forces. While subsuming into its structure, Wagner is the defense ministry’s largest and most prominent pledge of allegiance. 

Prigozhin claimed that last week Wagner was packing up its military equipment with plans to head to Rostov-on-Don in a Convoy. Later on Friday, the Russian military hit the Wagner base with air strikes, killing more than two dozen troops. 

Not only did the militia manage to seize Rostov-on-Don, but they also managed to disarm the military obstacles and take over all the bases and airfields.

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