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Jan 6 House Committee Criminal Referrals against Trump are Worthless, Trump’s Lawyer Says

Donald Trump

On Saturday, Trump’s lawyer said the criminal referrals made against former President Trump by the Jan 6 House select committee are ‘pretty much worthless’. 

What is the Complete News?

On Monday, the House committee was elected to investigate the 6 January 2021 attack on the US Capitol. 

The committee was hired to investigate Trump for inciting insurrection and not transferring the official constitutional duties to the next president after losing the elections. 

On Thursday, the committee released a final report of 845 pages after wrapping up its 18-month investigation, clearing all the points that whatever happened on Jan 6 was wrong and against the country’s law. 

The Chairman of the committee, Bennie Thompson, made a statement that he assured that the Department of Justice would definitely charge Trump for his false actions. 

According to him, the evidence uncovered after the investigation revealed that the action taken by Trump clearly created a big problem for the country. 

Thomson added that from his vantage point, there was no other choice left than to make the criminal referrals against the former president. In response to these referrals, Trump’s lawyer said that they are pretty much worthless on Saturday.

Why Trump’s Lawyer is Saying Criminal Referrals are Pretty much Worthless

Timothy Parlatore represents former president Donal Trump in the Department of Justice as his lawyer. On Saturday, Parlatore stated that the criminal referrals made against Trump by the Jan 6 House committee are just worthless.

He said the Department of Justice does not have to follow these referrals. According to him, these referrals are just political noise, and it will not have any effect on us. Parlatore also added an existing investigation is already going on for quite some time to prove that all the allegations made against Trump are false. 

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