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Interagency Team to Study Unidentified Objects Shot Down in US Airspace

US President Joe Biden

On Monday, White House officials announced that US President Joe Biden would establish an interagency team to study more about unidentified objects. 

What is the Complete Story?

It is still a mystery for the US that who owns three unidentified objects shot down by their fighter jets in a week. 

As these unidentified objects were shot down in remote areas, the White House spokesman, John Kirby, said it would take some time to collect the debris and find out what these objects were and what they could do.

So, the uncertainty of these objects led to president Biden taking the decision to establish an interagency team. 

On 4 February, one more and the first airborne object was discovered in the US airspace, but it was not like these unidentified objects because it was identified as a spy balloon that was fired from China. 

US fighter jets shot down all three unidentified objects without wasting time as they had to face a lot of criticism for waiting to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon. 

Kirby made a statement that the president had a talk with his national security advisors regarding establishing an interagency team to study broader policy implications for the detection, analysis and deposition of unidentified airborne objects. 

He added that the team will be including every element of the government in efforts to have a better understanding of these incidents. 

What will be the Work of the Interagency Team?

The working culture of the interagency team will include outreaching the private companies who are responsible for building these weather balloons or objects shot down last week. 

The team will also discover who is up that altitude and doing what for completely legitimate purposes. John Kirby said he thinks they need to have a better sight picture of that probably, and that’s the only reason President Biden established this team. 

The president had established the team as a four-part plan in the aftermath of shooting down the objects, including monitoring airspace, consulting with allies and briefing members of governors and Congress.

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