Home Politics House Committee Releases Final Report on Trump Jan 6 Capitol Riot Investigation

House Committee Releases Final Report on Trump Jan 6 Capitol Riot Investigation

Jan 6 Capitol Riot Final Report

A long-awaited final report on the Trump Capitol Riot investigation finally released by the Jan 6 House select committee. 

What is the Complete News?

A public meeting of the US House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol held to release the final report. The 854-page report was issued three days after the committee voted to refer Trump to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation. 

And prosecutions put all their efforts into overturning Trump’s 2020 election loss to current US President Joe Biden. The congressional committee with authorities even decided whether to put Donal Trump behind bars for holding future federal office and violating the constitutional oath for engaging in riot. 

The House committee released the final report a week after Trump announced participation in the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidency. 

What is in the Final Report?

The first chapter of the final report, titled, The Big Lie, referred to Trump’s repeated false claims that he won the elections. Even after losing the election, Trump made a lot of efforts to delegitimize the election process. He suggested that it would be marred by ballot fraud. 

‘I Just Want to Find 11,780 Votes’, the second chapter of the final report, stated that former president Donald Trump attempted to subvert the body that chooses the winner of presidential elections based on a portion of two states and the candidate’s popular vote. 

The chapter also featured Trump’s campaign to get Republican-controlled legislatures that Biden won to certify the election results. According to the select committee, in two months between Jan 6 Capitol Riot and the November election, Trump engaged in around 200 acts to target State Legislators. 

The next chapter focuses on Trump’s aim to get alternate electors over the slates Biden won. It also outlines the efforts Trump showed to contact the Department of Justice to bring doubt in the integrity of the election. 

The last three chapters in the report outline Trump, refusing to call off the mob. The chapters also feature an analysis of the attack on the Capitol. 

What’s Next?

According to the panel, the bar disciplinary bodies conducted by lawyers should continue to evaluate the conduct of attorneys in the final report. The report says attorneys can’t use their law licence to undermine the constitutional process for peacefully transferring power to another government. 

The report also says Federal agencies with intelligence and security missions should move forward with government strategies to combat the threat of violent activities by every extremist group. 

Evidence has already been shared by the January 6 panel with the DOJ, which appointed a special counsel to investigate Trump not transferring constitutional duties to Joe Biden. The panel’s chair, Thomson, made a statement that the January 6 riot would never occur without Trump’s encouragement. 

Sometimes you win or lose, but it doesn’t mean you tear the city hall up under any circumstances if you lose. It was beyond imagination, and many Americans still can’t understand why the January 6 attack Capitol Riot happened. 

Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thomson also said that our country had come too far, allowing a defeated president to become a successful tyrant after upending the democratic constitution. 

He claimed it would be dangerous to open doors for those whose hatred and threaten justice for all Americans. 

Rep. Liz Cheney, committee Chairman also made a statement. Liz said every president defended their orderly transfer of authority except Trump. January 6 2021, was the first time a president refused to transfer the constitutional duties to the new president, Liz added.

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