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Donald Trump Role in Pornstar Hush Money Case to be Investigated by New Grand Jury

Donald Trump

Manhattan prosecutors brought a new grand jury to investigate Former President Donald Trump hush money case, which involved payment to the pornstar Stormy Daniels in keeping her quiet regarding a sexual encounter with him. 

What is the Complete Story?

According to multiple news reports, a new grand jury has been convened by Manhattan prosecutors to hear evidence in a year-old investigation of Trump’s involvement in hush money to keep the pornstar Stormy Daniels quiet about a sexual encounter with the former president. 

The Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, called it the next chapter of Trump’s ongoing investigation. In response to the next chapter, Trump blasted Bragg and said the new grand jury was the Greatest Witch Hunt of all time. 

The hush money case involves payment of $130,000 to the pornstar Stormy Daniels. It also included a payment of $150,000 to former playboy model Karen McDougal to help Trump in the victory of 2016 elections. 

In his defence, Trump denied all the allegations of having any relationship with Daniels and McDougal. But according to various sources, Michael Cohen, who is Trump’s former personal lawyer, made the payment to Daniels through his company. 

The publisher of the National Enquirer helped Cohen to make payment to McDougal. Her story was later squelched in a journalistically dubious practice known as catch and kill, which helped Trump to win the elections and become president. Later, Cohen was reimbursed by the former president.

Grand juries are called up to explore the possibility of any charges against the former president. But no accusations have been issued yet. It seems to be a legal threat to Trump as he already ramps up his presidential campaign. 

However, a grand jury in Atlanta had investigated whether Trump and his party members committed any crime when he lost his 2020 election in Georgia. Last month, the Jan 6 House Select Committee also released the final report on the Trump Capitol Riot investigation

Former Trump’s Lawyer, Michael Cohen, was Pleaded Guilty

former trump lawyer Michael Cohen

In 2018, Michael Cohen was found guilty of violating campaign finance law by arranging the payouts. He also has to spend a year in prison. According to Federal prosecutors, Trump was aware of the payouts by Cohen, but still, he didn’t take any action against him. 

Last month, Trump’s organisation was also convicted of tax fraud and fined $1.6 million. During an interview with the Associated Press, Alvin Bragg said after the tax fraud trial, we will now move to the next chapter. 

In response, the Trump organisation made a statement that Bragg is a democrat who is trying to undermine Donald Trump 2024 presidential campaign

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