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US and South Korea Agree to Cooperate on Deploying Nuclear-Armed Submarine

Biden and Yoon agree to deploy nuclear armed submarine

On Wednesday, Yoon Suk Yeol, South Korean President, and US President Joe Biden announced an agreement on deploying a Nuclear-armed submarine in South Korea. 

What is the Complete News?

For the first time since the 1980s, President Biden and South Korean President Yoon announced an agreement on deploying a nuclear-armed submarine in South Korea. It aims to deter North Korean aggression. 

However, the discussion between officials from both countries took months to conclude. According to a new agreement, the US will make deterrence more visible by deploying a US nuclear ballistic submarine in South Korea. 

However, Officials made it clear that these nuclear assets will be stationed temporarily, and they are not planning to deploy any tactical nuclear weapons to the Korean Peninsula. 

President Biden said the bottom line is that there will be closer cooperation and consultation, but there will be no stationing of nuclear weapons on the Peninsula. He added there will be visits to ports and nuclear submarines. 

Warned North Korea

While giving a stark warning to North Korean dictator Kim, Biden says that a nuclear attack against the United States by North Korea will be unacceptable and result in the regime’s end. 

He said this during a news conference in the Rose Garden while describing their agreement along with Mr. Yoon. 

While using the initials for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, they described Washington’s deceleration as strengthening deterrence in response to the DPRK’s escalatory behaviour. 

However, previous US presidents also warned North Korea that a nuclear attack on South Korea could lead to a devastating American response. Former President Trump even once threatened North Korea that they have to face fire like the world had never seen before if it were to attack. 

South Korean President Yoon made a statement that sustainable peace on the Peninsula does not happen automatically. One of their two leaders made the decision to strengthen extended deterrence against North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats. 

Therefore, they can achieve peace through overwhelming forces.

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