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Is New Microsoft Bing Chatbot Better than ChatGPT?

Microsoft Bing Chatbot

The new version of Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing features a chatbot that seems to be more useful than Open AI’s ChatGPT. But it’s not always like that. 

What is the Complete Story?

A chatbot is nothing more than asking questions, receiving responses and leading the conversation further.

With lengthy, detailed responses, helping you in many parts of your life, you’ll find the new version of Bing chatbot is even more sophisticated than the free ChatGPT. 

But one of the most significant drawbacks of this new version of the chat interface is that it ends with jarring ads that look ripped straight from Bing. That’s why we can call it another version of ChatGPT with ads. 

The new Bing chatbot comes with outstanding and worth-it features. You can experience it in two parts. 

  • It comes with traditional search with a new contextual interface and a list of search results. 
  • It has a new chat interface, which you can access either by clicking on its own link or by swiping up from the list of links. 

Microsoft Bing Chatbot vs ChatGPT

There’s no significant difference between the new Bing Chatbot and ChatGPT. The new Bing chatbot allows you to ask a limited number of questions. 

Microsoft said you also couldn’t ask anonymous questions. A different answer will be shown to you every time you ask a question. Whenever you use this new Bing chat interface, you’ll feel like you’re in the old days of ChatGPT. 

On the other hand, ChatGPT doesn’t have any restrictions on the number of questions being asked. In this case, Bing loses the game as it restricts the number of questions. 

If we ask Bing for nicknames for various ethnicities, it will decline to respond and smartly change to a query objectifying a woman, How to pick up a girl. When it comes to more innocuous questions, the new Bing chat interface wins the game. 

Suppose we ask: Who would win a fight, Captain America or Hawkman? It will provide a detailed answer. But on the other hand, ChatGPT will demur the question. 

Talking about the ads section in Bing, it is another fantastic thing. Suppose you ask how to change RAM in a Laptop; the search result will end with a carousel of shopping links. However, Microsoft ensures the search result doesn’t fill up with sponsored content. 

Is the New Bing Chatbot Better than ChatGPT?

In some ways, the new Bing chat interface is better than ChatGPT. Microsoft’s Bing chatbot is more comprehensive than the free version of Open AI’s chatbot. 

On the other hand, ChatGPT serves as a study aid compared to Bing. 

If we ask both chatbots to write an essay, ChatGPT will actually deliver an essay. But on the other hand, the Bing chatbot will provide an outline asking you to use it to write an essay on your own. 

Bing limits itself in some other ways also; 

  • It won’t distribute any medical advice. 
  • Bing doesn’t generate harmful, copyrighted, or offensive content. 
  • It prevents end runs around restrictions. 

According to a test of an Excel function to perform a specific task, Bing provided more methods than ChatGPT. 

So far, it seems that the new Microsoft Bing chatbot is better than ChatGPT, but we can’t claim that. We have to go through more studies to find out the reality. So stay tuned with Briefing Headlines for further updates!

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