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Google Refuses to Acknowledge the Pixel 7 Camera Glass Cracking Issue

Google Pixel 7 cracking

Google refuses to acknowledge the Pixel 7 users’ complaints about suffering from an odd issue causing the phone’s rear camera glass to shatter. 

What is the Complete News?

According to recent reports, it was found that Google Pixel 7 users are complaining about an issue that caused the phone’s rear camera glass to crack. 

And the number of complaints is increasing with time, but it seems that Google refuses to acknowledge the issue as no official statement has yet been received from the company. 

It also clears that the search engine giant doesn’t want to take responsibility for the complaints. 

Pixel 7 Users Reacted Aggressively on Camera Glass Cracking Issue

One of the Twitter users, Heydon Faber, showed the shattered camera on his Pixel 7 in the post. He said he didn’t even drop the phone, but the camera cracked. His tweet is also referencing other complaints highlighting the same issue. 

A Reddit user also reacted to the Pixel 7 camera glass cracking issue. The user said he pulled the phone from his pocket and what he saw was that the rear camera glass was broken. 

He came around to the fixing stores, but no one had the replacement parts. Another Reddit user also shared his experience on the issue. The user said he also faced the same problem with his Pixel 7. 

He visited a repair store and was told that the complete back panel needed to be replaced, costing around $200. 

Some Redditors Fought for Pixel 7 users

Some registered users of Reddit took Pixel 7 users’ complaints to the company but still no action. 

They literally fought with Google over the issue. The Reddit users said they struggle to cover this shattering issue under warranty instead of sharing countless articles. 

They want to prove that they have been covering it under warranty for some users who are going through the same problem. The company kept saying they didn’t want to cover physical damage. 

Therefore, it still needs to be clarified why the Pixel 7 rear camera glass is shattering. Countless reports are roaming around that claim the issue is caused due to the metal camera module frame. But it’s not true. 

Stay tuned with us for further updates!

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