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Discrimination a Bigger Concern Than Human Extinction from AI, EU Said

Articial Intelligence EU Margrethe Vestager

Executive Vice President of the European Commission, Margrethe Vestager, said that discrimination is a bigger concern from Artificial Intelligence than human extinction.

What is the Complete Story? 

Margrethe Vestager told the reporters that we needed to counter the technology’s most significant risks as discrimination has become a bigger concern than human extinction from AI. 

She added that Artificial Intelligence is being used to make decisions, affecting someone’s livelihood. On Wednesday, voting will be held by the European Parliament on its proposed AI rules

According to the Artificial Intelligence Act, politicians considered AI amid warnings over developing the tech, enabling computers to perform tasks too quickly. However, some tech leaders warned that AI could lead to extinction of humanity

During an interview, Margrethe said AI’s potential for discrimination, contained in the vast amounts of data sourced from the internet, is a more significant concern than human extinction. She added probably, the risk of human extinction may exist, but she thinks the likelihood is pretty small. 

She thinks the more concerning risk of AI is that people will be discriminated; they will not be seen as who they are. Margrethe gave an example that if a bank is using an AI tool to decide whether you can get a mortgage, you need to make sure that you’re not being discriminated because of your color, gender, or your caste. 

AI Chatbot Bard on Hold

On Tuesday, Google’s planned EU roll-out of its AI Chatbot Bard was put on hold by Ireland’s data protection authority. However, it was being said that Google has already informed that its ChatGPT competitor would be introduced in the European Union this week. 

But the details regarding how the company had identified and minimized data protection risks to prospective users were yet to be received. Graham Doyle, Deputy Commissioner, made a statement that looking for the information as a matter of urgency raised further data protection inquiries about it with Google.

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