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A Federal Antitrust Lawsuit Against Microsoft


10 US gamers teamed up to file a lawsuit against Microsoft over its Activision Blizzard deal

What is the Complete News?

After Microsoft proposed the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a bunch of gamers from the US filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against the platform. 

Microsoft made a statement that this deal would create more opportunities and expand competition for gamers and game developers. They aim to outreach more games to more people.

According to the gamers, this acquisition will give the platform enough influence over multiple levels of the gaming industry. 

It can limit output, foreclose rivals, raise prices, reduce consumer choices and inhibit competition. The lawsuit states that Microsoft is already controlling one of the gaming industry’s most significant video game ecosystems. 

According to them, the Activision Blizzard deal would give Microsoft an unparalleled position in the gaming industry. It is going to leave them with iconic franchises and the most significant number of must-have games. 

Two different Statements from Two Law Firms on a Legal Action Against Microsoft

Two different statements were made by Joseph Saveri from Saveri Law firm and Joseph Alioto from Alioto Law firm on filing a lawsuit against the platform. 

According to the Alioto Law firm, Nothing is as destructive to free enterprise as the mega-mergers of the last three decades. They can cause quality to diminish, destroy jobs and raise rates. 

So whether it is going to block the mega-mergers or cause a shakedown to Microsoft, it will be more likely to be seen later. 

On the other hand, Joseph Saveri from Saveri Law firm also made a statement that after seeing the continued growth of the gaming industry, it will become critical to protect the market from controlling mergers harming consumers in the long run. 

According to him, the lawsuit is going to be the first step to conserving competition in the gaming industry. It will also protect consumer benefits and innovations. 

What’s Next?

The Lawsuit against Microsoft comes in the path that will lead to the deal being blocked. It will also come on the heels of the Federal Trade Commission’s own lawsuit. However, it is called a class action. 

But it is just a name. There are some possibilities whether Microsoft will fight in court or just pay off plaintiffs to get rid of the suit. 

Stay tuned with our Gadgets and Technology section for further updates!

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