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Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Confirmed, Release Date, Plot and Cast [July 2023]

Star Trek Discovery Season 5

Star Trek Discovery season 5 is confirmed. Here’s everything you need to know about its storyline, cast and when it is coming out.

Star Trek Discovery is a television series Alex Kurtzman, and Bryan Fuller created. It is one of five Star Trek series streaming on Paramount + along with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Lower Decks and Prodigy. 

Star Trek Discovery Season 4 was the last time we witnessed Captain Burnham leading into a new galaxy. 

With an exciting storyline, and the luxury of redefining Star Trek, the series attracted a massive fan base. Continue reading the article to reveal everything about the upcoming season.

A Brief Introduction Regarding the Series

Total number of Seasons 4
Total number of Episodes 55 episodes
First Episode Date 24 September 2017
Final Episode Date 17 March 2022
Genre Science Fiction
Based on Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry
Created By Bryan Fuller
Alex Kurtzman
Executive Producers Bryan Fuller
David Semel
Eugene Roddenberry
Aaron Harberts
Akiva Goldsman
Heather Kadin
Gretchen J. Berg
Trevor Roth
Alex Kurtzman
Olatunde Osunsami
Frank Siracusa
Michelle Paradise
John Weber
Jenny Lumet
Production Companies Secret Hideout
Roddenberry Entertainment
Living Dead Guy Productions
CBS Studios

What is the Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Release Date?

Since Voyager ended its seven season run in 2001, Discovery has become the longest-running new Star Trek series. It took the spot from Star Trek: Enterprise, which was cancelled after season 4. 

The Discovery series first premiered on 24 September 2017 and ended on 17 March 2022 with season 4. On 18 January 2022, the creators officially announced that the series would renew for season 5. 

However, its release date has yet to be announced. But recently, news came out that it is supposed to debut in early 2024. Filming is almost completed, but there is some additional information that has yet to be placed. 

So we need to wait until the filming gets completed. 

What will be the Cast of Season 5?

Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Cast

As we have witnessed the success of previous seasons, the cast in season 5 is expected to be the same. 

Cast Played As
Sonequa Martin-Green Michael Burnham
Mary Wiseman Sylvia Tilly
Anthony Rapp Lieutenant Paul Stamets
Doug Jones Saru
Wilson Cruz Hugh Culber
Michelle Yeoh  Captain Philippa Georgiou
David Ajala Cleveland Booker
Emily Coutts Keyla Detmer
Jason Isaacs Captain Gabriel Lorca
Blu del Barrio Adira
Anson Mount Christopher Pike
Shazad Latif Ash Tyler
Tig Notaro Jett Reno
Rachael Ancheril Nhan
Ethan Peck Spock
Ian Alexander Gray
Mary Chieffo L’Rell
Rekha Sharma Commander Landry
Kenneth Mitchell Kol

Expected Storyline of Star Trek Discovery Season 5

You can check out the trailer to get a hint of what will be the storyline of the upcoming season 5. After seeing the trailer, it looks like the instalment will be zeroed in on a treasure hunt. However, the storyline will mainly revolve around Captain Burham and the USS Discovery’s crew’s galaxy-crossing treasure hunt. Booker will be the primary focus of the season. 

Booker had a new character arc in season 4; presumably, season 5 will dive further into his life. Also, rebuilding of the Federation will be the major focus of the upcoming season, as it has all but lost power. 

Season 5 of Star Trek Discovery Trailer

The season 5 of Star Trek Discovery trailer has been released on the official Youtube Channel of Paramount +, featuring numerous fight scenes and galaxy-spanning travels. Also, it seems like the puzzle is on its way to the treasure hunt in the upcoming season.

Will Season 5 be the End of Star Trek Discovery?

Officials confirmed that season 5 is the end of the television series. Series star and producer Sonequa Martin-Green said she could hardly believe her mind-blowing journey with the series is ending. 

Green added she is astoundingly blessed to play the role of Captain Michael Burnham in the series and be a part of a legacy alongside extraordinary cast members, a remarkable writing team and a phenomenal crew. 

Executive producers and co-showrunners Michelle Paradise and Alex Kurtzman also made a statement it has been an immense honour and privilege to help bring Star Trek Discovery to the world. We are prouder of everything we have contributed to the series’ legacy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be a Season 5 of Star Trek Discovery?

The creators have confirmed that the television series will come with season 5. 

2. When is Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Coming Out?

However, it has been confirmed that the series is getting renewed for a fifth season. But the creators have yet to announce the release date. So, for now, it is impossible to say when it is coming out. 

Soon we will update you with a release date. 

3. When did Season 4 of the Series Premiere?

Season 4 premiered on 18 November 2021 to 17 March 2022. 

Wrapping Up

Star Trek Discovery season 5 is confirmed by the creators. It is good news for Star Trek fans, but they need to wait a bit more, as it is supposed to release in early 2024. Stay tuned with Briefing Headlines and be the first to know the exact release date!

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