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Raquel Welch Dead at 82: Cause of Death

On Wednesday, 15 Feb 2023, Raquel Welch, an international sex symbol in the 1960s, died at 82. The news was confirmed by her son, Damon.

Continue reading the article to reveal the cause of her death.

Cause of Raquel Welch’s Death

In the early morning of Wednesday, Raquel was found dead at her Los Angeles house. Her family confirmed that she died after a brief illness. Raquel was suffering from an illness for a long time.

Raquel’s representative, Steve Sauer, made a statement that the legendary bombshell actress passed away peacefully early morning Wednesday due to a brief illness. Raquel leaves behind her two children, Tanhee and Damon Welch.

Tanhee is her 61 years old daughter who worked as an actress and model. On the other hand, Damon is her 63 years old son, who is also in the acting industry.

Raquel’s Son confirmed the News of her Death

Raquel Welch's son

Raquel’s son, Damon Welch, confirmed that his mother is no longer with us. She died Wednesday at her Los Angeles home following a brief illness. Damon said her mother passed away with no pain.

He’s proud of what she contributed to this acting industry, society and everything else. Damon added he’s proud of Raquel doing the USO tours with Bob Hope during the early 70s and late 60s.

During that period of time, he and his sister even missed Christmas with her for three years.

Her Successful Career

Raquel Welch sex symbol

Let’s take a look back at Raquel Welch’s career. In 1960, Raquel began her career in the acting industry with appearances on Tv shows such as Bewitched, McHale’s Navy and Virginian.

She did an excellent job in various renowned movies such as One Million Years BC and Fantastic Voyage. However, she had only three lines of dialogue in One Million Years BC movie, but her doe-skin bikini look became a best-selling poster, turning her into an international sex symbol.

Her role as a transgender person in the 1970s Myra Breckinridge and The Three Musketeers earned a Golden Globe award for the best actress. In the early days of her life, Raquel used to hide her identity.

Raquel began speaking about her background in the early 2000s by playing Latin roles like Hortensia in the movie Tortilla Soup and Aunt Dora in the American Family. Entertainment Weekly editor Yolanda Machado said Raquel was a screen legend during a time when Latinos rarely were given work in the Hollywood industry.

Despite hiding her identity to succeed, she triumphed in memorable performances that stand as a portal into an entire generation.

Tv writer and Political Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz also made a statement that although Raquel’s background might have come as a surprise to many, Latinos can say she belongs to the industry.

He added she is viewed as one of the stars in the industry, and we’re proud of that. After seeing her popularity and exceptional work, we can say that she made a mark in the industry.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you find enough information regarding Raquel Welch Cause of Death. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to read our previous article similar to it:- Cody Longo.

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