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Jessica Simpson Revealed About her Secret Romance With an Unnamed Movie Star

Jessica Simpson

In her new short story titled Movie Star, famous American singer, entrepreneur, actress and philanthropist Jessica Simpson opened up about her secret romance with an unnamed film star. 

What is the Complete Story?


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In her short story, Jessica revealed everything about the massive movie star with whom she has been in a secret relationship, where they met each other and where they kissed for the first time. And also she mentioned how the relationship ended. 

She said they first met in September 2001 at MTV VMAs after party. Jessica was also a hot commodity in the industry. In her story, Jessica revealed that she was dodging calls from two boy banders, one from backstreet boys and the other from NSync

During a bash, when her boyfriend recognised a movie star in the crowd, she was also dodging some music executives. The bodyguard introduced her to the movie star. 

The actor said he did very well know her. Jessica told in her story that a movie star gave her a different hug. It was like a celebrity embrace as he held her for a few seconds longer than expected. 

She said no man had ever before provocatively looked at her. It was like he was undressing her with his eyes. Jessica and the movie star engaged in small talk. 

The movie star placed her hand on her hip and made her closer to him so that she could hear him better. They used to meet at the gym in Los Angeles, where Jessica got his number. But she didn’t call him. 

They both got married to each other and went through a divorce, as she revealed in her open book. 

What happened After Splitting from Nick Lachey

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

After splitting from her boyfriend Nick, Jessica talked about dodging some pretty popular men in her short story. But Jessica 

Check out the relationship history of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

One of the guys she met was a handsome romantic comedy actor who slipped her a hotel without saying a word.

The man was treating her like marriage material. In her short story, Jessica briefly revealed her meeting with the other mystery actor at Beverly Hills hotel during an award show. Jessica said she felt the warm rush all the way down to the body, to the tips and toes. 

The actor texted her throughout the award show. She felt exceptional that there were a lot of Hollywood actresses in the show, but he wanted her only. Jessica mentioned in the story that she saw his photo with another beautiful woman on the red carpet. 

And Jessica felt that she never ever wanted to be another woman. According to Jessica and the movie star, their relationship was utterly over, but they didn’t want to reveal this to the press.

They continued with the courtship and began hanging out together at clubs around Los Angeles. Also, the movie star didn’t reveal about her career pursuing as a singer. According to Jessica, the movie star had achieved a lot in his life, and he didn’t have people to tell him what to do. 

She liked that about him. Talking about his identity, Jessica and the movie star had different faiths but the same reverence for god. 

Jessica Simpson and the secret Movie Star didn’t have sex

She emphasised in her short story that they were intimate but didn’t have sex. While filming a movie, the movie star went to the east coast. Jessica recalled a meeting with him at a hotel. 

He asked her to go to his room through the fire stairs because he wanted her to hide from the press. But she thought he was hiding her from his beautiful chicks, not from the media. There was something dramatic happening between him and his chick, and she wasn’t likely to be part of that conversation. 

Jessica continued she didn’t kick him out of her room, and they didn’t have sex. She also said she wanted to end the relationship only on her terms. The next day, Jessica left the hotel without saying a word to the movie star. 

Although she didn’t leave empty-handed, she was looking for a trophy for this achievement. She picked up a pillow where he used to sleep. Also, Jessica didn’t care that it would look creepy or if he had to pay for it. 

After some time, the movie star even called her to have a one to one conversation, but she didn’t pick up. Later, he left a voicemail for her, saying why he had broken up with him. It seems to be difficult for him to believe how she can just leave him like this.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

Jessica ended the short story by saying it was the start of a learning phase of loving herself completely after breaking up. And later in her life, she also founded someone who could love her more than anyone. In 2014, Jessica married an NFL player Eric Johnson, and they shared a beautiful family of three children, Birdie, Ace and Maxwell.

Now, Jessica is living a happy marriage life with her husband Eric. 

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