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What is the Story of Jeremy Clarkson’s Restaurant at Diddly Squat Farm?

Jeremy Clarkson restaurant

Renowned as one of the most outspoken and captivating English Broadcasters, Jeremy Clarkson has long been associated with journalism and writing. 

However, one facet of this multi-talented personality that is perhaps lesser-known but equally compelling is his passion for farming and food. 

That is the reason he has been running a Diddly Squat Farm in Oxfordshire that gained critical acclaim on the popular Amazon Prime video series Clarkson’s Farm. Clarkson has also hoped to open a restaurant to serve beef-based dishes from his cows to tourists. 

But his plans were blocked by West Oxfordshire District Council. What Actually Happened? Does Clarkson still have the restaurant? Let’s find out in the article below. 

What Happened to Jeremy Clarkson’s Restaurant?

The former Top Gear presenter planned to open a restaurant at Diddly Squat Farm. But his initial plans were rejected by the Oxfordshire District Council. Clarkson claimed he had found a loophole and hoped to serve beef-based dishes from his cows to tourists. 

In August, the District Council of Oxfordshire canceled Clarkson’s restaurant opening planning as it wasn’t in keeping with the rural area. Later, Clarkson said he no longer wished to open the restaurant and had also sold many of his cows. 

Some local villagers celebrated his decision and said the farm itself is already bringing a lot of traffic to the area. 

However, the District Council made a statement that they understand the planning process shown in the second season of the series Clarkson’s Farm can be obstructive, and people will be confused about the decision to open a restaurant. 

The Council is legally responsible for ensuring that planning follows laws and policies correctly to protect local communities and the environment. 

Does Jeremy Clarkson Appeal Against the Closure of his Restaurant?

In February, Clarkson appealed against the rejection of his planning restaurant by Oxfordshire District Council. On 14 March, the Planning Inspectorate held a hearing for his appeal. 

Clarkson tweeted the coverage sounds like a civil war and is raging. According to him, the truth is that a compromise will be reached. 

Partial Victory Over Farm Changes

Jeremy Clarkson has been partially successful after appealing against the closure of his restaurant by the West Oxfordshire District Council. The Planning Inspectorate granted permission for the extension and changes to the land but not for the addition of a restaurant. 

However, during the hearing, business owners told the benefits the farm had brought to the community. On the other hand, some nearby residents said the increased traffic due to the farm had caused disruption. 

According to the report, the farm is described as a victim of its own success. It was being said that the addition of outdoor seating, a catering van, and a restaurant had a deleterious effect on the appearance of an area of outstanding natural beauty. 

What else does Clarkson Planned to Add at Diddly Squat Farm?

Clarkson also planned to open a car park next to his Diddly Squat Farm shop after some local residents complained about visitors parking all down their roads. However, residents urged Council to approve the car parking demand to ease their parking difficulties. 

But the Council doesn’t approve car parking as the site cannot currently cope with parking demands. They believe that the extension of the site for car parking will cause a huge inconvenience for people living nearby. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Jeremy Clarkson?

Born on 11 April 1960, Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson is an English Broadcaster, journalist, game host, writer, and farmer. He is best known for presenting some renowned programs, such as Top Gear and The Grand Tour. 

2. Does Jeremy Clarkson Still Have a Restaurant?

No, Clarkson doesn’t own a restaurant, as the West Oxfordshire District Council issued an enforcement for its closure. 

3. Why the District Council Rejected the Opening of Jeremy Clarkson’s Restaurant?

Clarkson, planning to open a restaurant at Diddly Squat Farm, faced rejection from the Council as they believed the restaurant could cause disruption to residents living nearby. 

Wrapping Up

That’s all we got regarding Jeremy Clarkson’s restaurant. Hope you find enough information related to the topic. Keep following our website, Briefing Headlines, for more informative articles like this!

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