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10th Anniversary Celebration of BTS Turn Seoul Bridges and Landmarks Purple

BTS 10th anniversary celebrations

Famous South Korean boy band, BTS will celebrate its tenth anniversary with a festival in Seoul, turning Bridges and Landmarks purple. 

What is the Complete Story?

On 17 June, BTS’ tenth-anniversary celebration will be held in the Capital, Seoul. The capital is showing its appreciation by taking the signature BTS purple color and splashing it across bridges, skyscrapers, landmarks, and more, as the group is the pride and joy of their city. 

It is not going to be a one-and-done celebration, as it will continue throughout the next two weeks. The signature purple color BTS will be shining on Seoul’s City Hall across the 123-story Lotte World Tower, Han River bridges, and the cultural hub Dongdaemun Design Plaza. 

At the beginning of Tuesday, they’ll infiltrate the postal service with authorities issuing stamps marking the anniversary. Later a firework will explode over Han River Park. 

The explosion will follow a live talk from BTS’ RM. However, Seoul is like the world for BTS, where everyone else is simply living. Throughout the city, digital displays will be placed, sharing messages from every BTS member, Jung Kook, RM, Jin, Jimin, Suga, V, and J-Hope. 

The Officials of Seoul also shared a map laying out BTS-specific locations. It includes dozens of places where they’ve performed their music videos. 

Celebrations Aren’t Just in Seoul

During the BTS Festa Festival, the group shared the news with a short video named BTS Presents Everywhere. According to a report, the title of the short video has two meanings; BTS is present everywhere, and BTS’ presents are everywhere. 

However, both meanings are true in a more literal sense when the Army flocks around the highlighted locations to boost the city’s tourism. But BTS’s tenth-anniversary celebrations aren’t just in the capital, Seoul. Since the BTS made their debut with the new single, Take Two, the band celebrated the decade. 

It embraces the moments the group members have spent with one another and their fans.

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