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Announcements from the Pokemon Day 2023 Pokemon Presents

Pokemon Day 2023 Pokemon Presents

On 27 February, the Pokemon hosted a special presents event which is celebrated as Pokemon day, to unveil all the upcoming exciting developments in the Pokemon world. 

From games and television series to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s hidden treasure of Area Zero expansion, the event features all manner of updates. Below, we’ll show you every single bit of small or big announcements during the 27 February Pokemon Day 2023. 

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic

Pokemon trading card game classic

On the 27 February Pokemon special presents event, a new version of the original card game’s base set was announced, the Pokemon Trading card game classic. The game appears almost like a board game containing a board and a collection of classic card decks. 

However, the nature of the game still needs to be clarified. The company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara announced it is going to be one of the premium card games that will last a lifetime. 

Zacian from Pokemon Sword is coming to Pokemon Unite

Pokemon unite

Pokemon Unite is officially getting the legendary Zacian from Pokemon Sword with its Sovereign Sword special attack. Additionally, the game will also be celebrated with a special Zacian’s weald event. 

You can also choose a gold Zacian boost emblem using a gift coupon POKEMONDAY. 

Pokemon World Championship Dates Announced

Pokemon World Championship


It has been announced in the 27 February event that the Pokemon World Championship will be taking place in Yokohama, Japan, alongside the vital art event. 

From 11 to 23 August, the players from the trading card game, such as Scarlet and Violet, will compete for the Pokemon master title. On the other hand, the key art event will be featuring Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s starter with Pikachu. 

A Stop-Motion Animation Series For Netflix: Pokemon Concierge

You will be seeing a partnership between Netflix and the Pokemon company as a stop-motion animation series for Netflix, Pokemon Concierge, is coming out. The series will feature the concierge of the Pokemon resort, Haru and her trusty partner, Psyduck. 

It is going to be an original, light-hearted and bright story. That’s all we have for now! There is nothing more about the upcoming series. But stay tuned with us; we will keep updating you with more information. 

3 Starter Pokemon are Coming to Pokemon Cafe ReMix

Pokemon Cafe ReMix


A free-to-play puzzle video game, Pokemon Cafe ReMix is getting three starter Pokemon, Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly. Mimikyu, Eevee, Victini and Celebi will also join these three new members, who returned as delivery candidates. 

It is also announced in the event that Greninja will be getting a special outfit of a great chef. 

6 New Classic Trainers are Coming to Pokemon Masters EX

Pokemon Masters EX

Pokemon Masters EX is getting six new classic trainers, Cynthia from Diamond and Pearl, Diantha from X and Y, Iris and Alder from Black and White, Steven and Lance from Red and Blue. 

Some other developments were also announced in the event regarding the game, including DLC inspired by Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

Pokemon Sleep Wakes Up will Launch this Summer

Pokemon Sleep

During the 27 February Pokemon Day 2023, it was announced that Pokemon Sleep Wakes Up will be launching this summer. The app is capable of tracking your sleeping patterns and providing you with the different sleep styles of many pocket monsters. 

It will help you turn sleeping into entertainment as the player’s time spent sleeping and waking up will affect their gameplay in letting them wake up with Pokemon every morning. 

Pokemon Go Plus+ Announced

Pokemon Go Plus

The Pokemon company announced the Pokemon Go Plus during the event. It will be available by 21 July this year. It is designed to work with Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Go. Talking about its functionality, it will allow you to catch Pokemon and spin-stop automatically. 

That’s all the Pokemon company announced during the 27 February Pokemon special presents event. If we have skipped anything, let us know in the comment section.

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