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Sam Elliott’s Daughter Cleo Rose Elliott Wiki, Age and Net Worth (December 2023)

Cleo Rose Elliott, also known as Sam Elliott’s daughter, is a 37-year-old American model, musician, and singer. She holds citizenship in the United States. With incredible songwriting skills and exceptional fashion sense, she is an all-rounder and has fascinated the world in 20s.

Today in this article, I’ll share every bit of information about her. So stay tuned till the end!

Who is Cleo Rose Elliott?

Cleo Rose Elliott

On 17 September 1984, Cleo Rose Elliott was born in Malibu, California. She is a well-known, multi-talented American model and actor who can also sing well. She was professionally trained in singing when she was very young. Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross are the parents of Cleo Rose.  

She grew up in an environment that was full of music. When she was growing up, she learned how to play different instruments and later on, she received training from the famous singer-songwriter Charity Chapman. 

Cleo met her first music producer when she joined the (ASCAP). In 2008, Cleo released her debut album. She has also worked as a model, but she did it for a short time. 

Basic Information about her

Full name Cleo Rose Elliott
Date of Birth 17 September 1984
Birthplace Malibu, California
Age  38 years 
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Marital Status Engaged but still not confirmed 
Profession American Model and musician
Net Worth $1.5 Million

Body Stats

Height in m 1.72 m
Height in cm 172 cm
Height in inches 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight in Kg 55 kg
Weight in pounds 121 pounds
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Brown


Father’s name Sam Elliott
Mother’s name Katharine Ross
Siblings Not Known
Relationship Randy Christopher Bates
Children No

Educational Background

School name Colin McEwen High School
Malibu High School
University name NA
Qualifications Not Known

Social Media Accounts

Instagram Not Known
Facebook Not Known
Twitter Not Known

Early Life

Cleo was born and brought up in Malibu, California. Cleo’s dad and mom are both Award-nominated actors. The parents of Cleo, Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross, met each other on a movie set, and they began dating soon after. 

They eventually got married in 1984, the same year Cleo was born. Cleo started learning to play the flute and the guitar at a very young age. She studied music for around four years, from 2002 to 2006.

Cleo was a privileged child who got a chance to learn about music from a very young age, and soon after she graduated from ‘Colin McEwen High School’, she began training under famous singer and songwriter Chapman. Before joining ‘Colin McEwen High School’, she studied at ‘Malibu High School’.

Under the tutelage of Chapman, Cleo learned a lot about Italian opera and the musical tradition of Bel Canto. She trained as a singer but decided to begin her professional career as a model.


Cleo’s first job was as a model on a live hair-styling show titled ‘Sexyhair’, and it was aired on TV in 2003. During her modeling career, she was featured in many fashion magazines. 

Cleo and her family were photographed together for the edition of ‘The Malibu Times’. It was 29 July 2013. During the Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2013, she got a chance to appear on the red carpet. Apart from Charity Chapman, Cleo has taken training from several other musicians. 

After some time, she became a member of the ‘ASCAP’. In ‘ASCAP’, Chapman, her first music teacher, introduced her to the member and music producer Bobby Harby. After their first meeting, Cleo showed her self-written song and Bobby liked her composition so much that he started working on it in the studio. 

In 2008, Cleo released her first debut solo CD, ‘No More Lies’. The album was a grand success. After that, Cleo became a part of several music projects, and almost all of her projects were successful. 

Cleo Rose Elliott’s Net Worth

However, Cleo’s career as a singer and musician was short-lived. But still, her overall career was a success, and she made millions through her modeling and live performance. Still, she has an estimated net worth of US $ 1.5 million.

Her Personal Life

Wedding Cleo Rose Elliott

According to sources, Cleo is dating Randy Christopher Bates, a highly qualified downslope mountain biker and cyclist. Randy was also a great singer and songwriter before becoming a professional cyclist. They have been dating since 2013.

When Randy was 13, he even constituted a musical group. Randy decided to explore his passion and love for riding bicycles, which made him quit his music career. 

He loves travelling, exploring new places, and posting photos on his social media to show his adventures and exciting journeys.

Cleo is inspired by various bands such as ‘Guns N’ Roses and ‘Pink Floyd’. Many musicians, such as Fiona Apple, Sheryl Crow, and Jimi Hendrix, were her favorites and her guiding force. 

Cleo’s music career has been supported by various people, such as Cleo’s grandparents, Dudley Ross and Katharine W Hall. Information related to Cleo’s engagement or marriage with Randy Christopher Bates still needs to be confirmed. 

Why did Cleo Rose Elliott Stab her Mother?

Cleo Rose Elliott and Katherine Ross

According to the sources, Cleo didn’t have a good relationship with her Mother. Cleo used to abuse her verbally and emotionally when she was young, but this got extreme when Cleo was in her teen years.  

At that time, this drama was only up to the family and was never disclosed to the outside world. In 2011, this home drama was revealed to the external world when Cleo crossed all of its limits. 

According to the official court documents and people, Cleo lost her temper on 2 March 2011 and got mad to kill her Mother. Immediately after saying that, she kicked her Mother into a cupboard door in the kitchen and started running after her Mother to kill her allegedly. 

When her Mother tried to call the police for help, Cleo cut the telephone line with the scissors. After cutting the telephone line, she stabbed her Mother’s right arm six times with scissors. She even threatened her Mother that she would poke her eyes with scissors, but thank god she didn’t drive her eyes. 

What Repercussions Cleo Faced for her Actions

Immediately, this incident was reported to the local police. Katharine even mentioned that the scissor marks are still visible on her right arm. On 8 March, the sixth day after she was stabbed, she filed for a protective order without an attorney. 

On 30 March, in Santa Monica, the hearing was to be held, and she was given the protection she demanded. 

Cleo was ordered to stay almost 100 yards from her Mother until the hearing of the case. Cleo was ordered not to meet her Mother and to stay away from her Mother’s home, car, and workplace. The orders also mentioned that if Cleo needs anything from home, the police officers must be on the ground. 

As of this date, we still don’t know why Cleo stabbed her Mother and what made her take this action.

Where is Cleo Rose Now and What about her relationship with her Mother

After the incident, some news came out that Cleo had vanished from the public eye. Even she kept her Instagram private.

On the other hand, her Mother, Katharine, was kept under intense security, and Cleo was banned from going near her Mother. But now everything seems fine between them, and the Mother–daughter duo lives happily together. Now everything is good between them. Cleo and her Mother are also often seen together at public events.

In the 2017 Sundance Film Festival’s red carpet event, Cleo mentioned her parents and how they made her proud with their acting. Recently, the mother-daughter duo was seen together at the 91st Annual Academy Awards. In that award show, people saw how happy they were together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When was Cleo Rose Elliott Born?

On 17 September 1984, Cleo was born in Malibu, California.

2. What is the name of Cleo’s Parents?

Cleo’s father is Sam Elliott, an American-based actor who is well-known for his acting skills. On the other hand, her mother’s name is Katharine Ross, an American actress who has appeared in various motion pictures, stage, and broadcast TV. 

3. What is her Net Worth?

Cleo’s net worth is around $1.5 million.

4. Why did Cleo Stab her Mother?

2nd March 2011 was the day when she stabbed her Mother, but it is still unclear why she stabbed her Mother. 

Wrapping Up

After seeing her outstanding career, Cleo Rose Elliott has done a fantastic job to earn her worth in the industry. But more than that, she has also done something unexpected that became the reason for her downtime in the industry. 

Yes, I’m talking about trying to kill her mother. Now, it seems to be that things are settled between Cleo and her mother because they are seen together in an event recently, as shown above.

Hopefully, all your queries will be answered in this article. For more such informative articles, keep following our website. Do not forget to check out another entertaining article Alexander Dreymon’s wife

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