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Twitter’s Competitor, Threads Sets to Launch on 6 July

Meta's Twitter competitor Threads

6 July is the day when you get bail from Twitter. According to the App Store listing, Threads is expected to launch on that day. 

What is the Complete News?

Whether it is launching an $8 blue tick monthly subscription or immediately firing Twitter’s top authorities, Elon Musk has taken many controversial steps since buying the social media platform. Are you fed up with Musk’s disputable actions and want to bail from Twitter?

If so, it seems like you won’t have to wait long as a Twitter’s competitor, Threads, is expected to launch on 6 July. On Saturday, the app briefly showed up on Google Play Store with some screenshots and initial details. 

The details include how you can log in with your Instagram handle. How you can find the accounts you follow on Instagram on the upcoming app and post it on an interface similar to Mastodon, Twitter, or Bluesky. 

Previously, there was no release date mentioned in the details, but now it seems there is an official date for Threads to launch. 

A Brief Introduction Regarding Threads

It is an Instagram’s text-based conservation app. In the app, you can create a community where you can together discuss everything on topics that you care about or are trending. 

It will allow you to connect with your favorite creators and others with the same interest. You can also build your loyal fan following base and share your ideas with your connections. 

Elon Musk Reacted to the Launch of Twitter Competitor, Threads

In response to the launch of the Twitter’s competitor, Threads, Musk reacted with a handful of tweets, pointing out the amount of data that Meta’s App Store listing for Threads may collect about users. 

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said all the threads belong to us with a screenshot of Threads’ data collection notice. In response, Musk said yeah. 

What’s Next?

During a companywide meeting last month, Alex Heath and Meta executives shared that Instagram Threads will integrate with the decentralized social media protocol used by Mastodon. 

One of the executives stated that they’ve been hearing from creators who are interested in having a sanely run platform. However, the news of launching Twitter’s competitor came after its ongoing controversial things on the platform. 

Since Elon Musk owned Twitter, he took many steps, including blocking registered users, implementing temporary rate limits, and much more. These steps resulted in widespread issues over the weekend, with users being unable to browse the service. 

Now, the platform is also rolling out some sudden changes to TweetDeck. It is a tool mostly used by many journalists and social media professionals. In about a month, the tool launched a paid feature. 

It halted new user signups for over a day to fix issues due to waves of people flooding the platform.

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