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Politics and Hard News will not be Pushed by Threads Like Twitter, Instagram Head Says

Meta's Threads vs Elon Musk's Twitter

Instagram head Adam Mosseri cleared things up and said Threads will not push politics and hard news like Twitter.  

What is the Complete News?

This week Meta launched Twitter’s competitor Threads. In many ways, both platforms want to host digital town squares. 

However, the head of Instagram and an American businessman, Adam Mosseri, announced that no politics and hard news would be pushed by Threads like Twitter. Earlier, Meta was also pushing political stuff on their social media platforms. 

They claimed it was something pointed out: Twitter has embraced and encouraged the political talk. 

What is the Motive Behind Doing So

Instagram head shared on Threads that their goal is not to replace Twitter. He said their motive is to create a public platform for communities on Instagram that never really embraced Twitter. 

The platform will also welcome people interested in a less angry place for conversation, but not all of Twitter. Adam Mosseri acknowledged that politics and hard news will appear on the platform, but we’re not going to promote these things in any way.

Is Threads Down Ranking News or Politics?

One of the users pointed out that the platform should be counter-productive downranking news or politics if it wants to be a public square. In response, Mosseri said we don’t want to discourage the content.

We only want to court them in the way we did previously. He added they don’t want to repeat the mistake of being too quick to promise to the media industry that Facebook did in the past.

Mosseri also confirmed that politics and hard news are important to us. But from a platform’s perspective, any engagement or revenue they drive is not worth the scrutiny, integrity risks, or negativity. 

He claimed that without needing to get into politics or hard news, there are other enough great topics, sports, beauty, entertainment, music, etc. 

According to Meta, Threads have surpassed 70 million users. And the signup process is also too easy as it only takes your Instagram account details, and you will automatically be signed up to the platform.

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